Roger O'Leary-Archer
Bio and Contact
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Soon after retiring in 2008, I enrolled in a silkscreen class. From there, I added other forms of printmaking, including intaglio, relief, monoprints and collage. Being a printmaker has changed the way I view my own life and the community around me. Everything offers inspiration for new prints as I browse in ordinary stores for printmaking or mixed media materials I can apply to some aspect of my art. I wake up each morning with new ideas to explore in one or another print medium.

A self-taught photographer, my interest in photography has spanned many years. My computer enhanced photographic “paintings” and visual imagery capture ordinary forms in a different and, at times, seemingly “unreal” perspective. I have incorporated many of my photographic images into many of my print works.

I live in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles with my wife and soul mate of 39 years, our two dogs and three cats.

Roger O’Leary-Archer

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